Session I: Ores Away!
(Takes place on the 12th of Goldsun)
The party, consisting of Sasha Bianca, Aloysius Jollyghost (aka Jolly), and Lucky Number Game Member Number 1 (aka Lucky), have been sent along with Jia to the town of Silverstone to pick up a special type of ore for Casper Xenos, engineer and Guildmaster of the Crim Adventurers Guild. Along the way, they get landed on by 2 people from the future: Caila Evergreen, and her bodyguard, an older Jia (preferring to be called Jiandra to limit confusion). In Silverstone, they stop by the branch office of the Guild to speak to Oddeye, a blue mage who is part of the Guild but also part of the Azure Academy, a blue mage guild also located in Crim. They are told to visit a dwarven engineer in town named CB Brown, who has the ore that Casper required. But the party learns that the ore was stolen from him, and they must retrieve it. They find the thiefs are still in town, a group of 3 from the Eaglewing Guild, located in Eaglewing Town within the Disputed Regions. The group, a fighter named Darius, a thief named Yuri, and a white mage named Bianca, were sent to steal the ore by their Guildmaster. After a short battle with the trio, Yuri (being the last one standing), decides to give up the ore and the trio runs off. The party heads back to Crim having completed their mission.
Session II: Cave Spelunking!
(Takes place on the 13th of Goldsun)
The party's next mission involves getting a new crystal for Casper's airship, in order to act as it's power supply. Although similar to magic, the crystals Casper is looking for are not magical, but produce constant energy that can be harnessed. Their mission takes place in Shinji Cave, north-west of Crim. Due to the mountains and the distance, Casper allows the party to use his low-powered mini-airship to get there. Contracted guild members Myrh Calico and Dizzy Fallow also join the group for this mission. Upon reaching Shinji Cave, the group navigates the simple maze-like structure to find the crystals. Although their goal is to find a Wind crystal, they were told that any crystal will work as long as it's the right size. When they find the crystal they need, however, it is blocked by a Rock Golem. The group eventually defeats the golem, and claims their prize of a correct sized Wind crystal, surprisingly light to carry. They arrive back at the mini-airship with just 15 minutes left before they would be stranded. Upon return to Crim, the group enjoys a meal with Casper and his family: his wife, Kia, and his daughter, 7-year-old Alx and his son, 5-year-old Cid.
Session III: Goblin Punch!
(Takes place between the night of the 18th of Goldsun and the 20th of Goldsun)
During the last few days, Casper has been working on finishing the airship. It's completed on the 18th of Goldsun, but that night, a large group from the Eaglewing Guild invades the Adventurers Guild to steal the airship, led by their Guildmaster, Winston Smith, under the disguise of KuroMa and a horrible disguise at that. Lucky is the only one to see this, although Jia's friend, Chuchu, a giant pink hamster, also managed to see the event. The next day, the party is told they will be accompanied by Casper to retrieve the airship. Their first stop, however, is to Silverstone again, as Casper has heard no word from them in a few days. In order to get there faster, Casper quickly puts together a hovercraft-like vehicle that can fit the entire party. In Silverstone, they find that the town came under attack by goblins from the nearby Goblin Woods. Melanie Wilkes (aka Millie), a white mage taught by Casper's parents, is in town healing the injured, but has grown tired from overuse of her magic, and needs the party to go get some healing oinment stolen by the goblins. When they arrived at the Goblin Woods, the hovercraft experienced a slight malfunction and Casper stayed behind to fix it while the party battles 3 goblins. When done, they returned to Silverstone and give Millie the oinment. The next day after they rest in the inn, the party is shocked to find that Caila is half-Esper and her bodyguard, Jiandra, is actually her mother. The party briefly returns to Crim after this so Caila can recuperate from the ordeal.
Session IV: Multiplying like Rabbits!
(Takes place on the 1st of Silversun)
After the party takes a day to rest in Crim, they return to persue the airship stolen by Eaglewing. But they are forced by Casper to make a stop in Falling Clouds City, where is almost never stops raining. The king of Crim, Sefiay, had told Casper that his guild is to clear out a rabite infestation within the city's sewer system. After some re-equipping through shopping, the party heads into the sewers, only to find that the rabites down there must've been mutated, as they are much stronger than your ordinary rabite. The party nearly loses, but Casper and Jia, who also joined them, enter the battle to help, and the battle ends when Sasha risks casting a high level spell (Prox) too early but it manages to kill the remaining rabites. After resting, the party is re-joined by Myrh and Dizzy, who seemed to have gone someone else after the second mission (see Session II) but had come back to help the party. They navigate the maze-like sewers and get to the middle where they face the Rabite King. A battle ensues and the party defeats the Rabite King, who had intended to take over the city. The party gets paid and rests for the night.
Session V: Malfunction!
(Takes place on the 2nd of Silversun)
Leaving Falling Clouds City, the party continues on to Eaglewing Town. However, when they reach the vicinity of Portsmouth, a seaside town on the way, the hovercraft's battery seems to die, and the party is stuck there. Entering the town, they learn that little robots from a long-abandonded warehouse in town have been stealing random junk from the inhabitants. They are asked to go find out what's going on and stop the robots. Entering the warehouse, they find stairs leading down to a long corridor, and at the end of the corridor is a group of the little robots using the junk to build a large robot. The party battles with the robots while Casper uses a nearby computer to try to stop them. After a lengthy battle, Casper eventually finds out that the computer was using a Crim satallite to broadcast an electrical disturbance field as well as a control field for the robots, and deleting the program from the computer stops both. The party rests in town for the night.
Session VI: In the Depths!
(Takes place on the 3rd of Silversun, morning/afternoon)
The party leaves Portsmouth and heads for Eaglewing Town once more. This time they make it there, on the way seeing the destruction to the lands caused by the warring guilds. Eaglewing Town happens to be one of the few towns that hasn't taken much damage during the wars. While checking out the town, Sasha is the only one who spots someone who looks like KuroMa. The group eventually finds the guild hall for the Eaglewing Guild, and navigates a dungeon below the guild hall. Along the way, they enter a trapped room, but are saved from being skewered by arrows when KuroMa, who again only Sasha sees, burns all the arrows. After getting through the last locked door, the party as a whole finally sees KuroMa, who had defeated the Eaglewing members that the party fought back in Silverstone, as well as a ninja of the Eaglewing Guild, Aegis. KuroMa will run off, and the party runs into the remaining members, a black mage named Ulric and a bard named Lionel, as well as Winston Smith himself. The party battles Ulric and Winston, Lionel running off at the start of the battle. The party defeats both of them, and they retrieve the airship. En route to Crim, the party finds KuroMa on-board the airship...
Session VII: Return to Crim!
(Takes place on the 3rd of Silversun, evening)
The party learns while en route to Crim that the person they thought was KuroMa on-board the airship was actually another KuroMa imposter, this time a beautiful woman named Lenina Crowne. She will berate everyone in the guild, including Casper due to him being the leader, and inform the party of a plot by Crim to unleash a massive machine called Mecha Alexander, modeled after the summon of the same name (minus the Mecha part, of course). She tells the party about the Crim Black Mage guild being part of the conspiracy, as well as the Crim Technical Institute. Upon arriving in Crim, the party decides to check the credibility of Lenina's claims. First they check out the Black Mage guild, only to find that the hanger they have is for an airship, not Mecha Alexander. Lenina then leads the group to the Central Crim Train Station. Lenina's claim of Mecha Alexander being there is shot down by the station being too small. Finally they go to check on the Crim Technical Institute. One member, Eyi, speaks with the group because of a schedule Lenina had with his handwriting. He says that MA is shorthand for Multiple Apetures, not Mecha Alexander. Feeling defeated by the lack of evidence, Lenina agrees to be led by the party to Crim Castle to speak with Alus, the advisor to King Sefiay. Once there, Lenina is thrown in jail and Alus claims to know nothing of Mecha Alexander. He tells the party that there was a distress letter received from Bikko and they need to head there immediately. After leaving Crim Castle, Casper comes with a cold, and is taken to his parents' house so he can rest and recover from the sickness. The party, sans Jolly who stays behind to help Casper's mom, Cecilia, make an elixir, heads out to sleep for the night. However, at midnight, they are awoken by the sound of Mecha Alexander emerging, proving the Lenina was telling the truth the whole time.
Session VIII: Truth and Lies!
(Takes place on the 4th of Silversun, afternoon)
After going back to bed and then awaking in the morning, the party stops by to check on Casper. He's still sick, and won't be able to join the party. He tells them to talk to Alus about Mecha Alexander, however. Alus is shocked to find that the group has not yet gone to Bikko, and reveals that the plot to keep Mecha Alexander secret was being it was top-secret and Crim wanted to discredit Lenina as well. He also informs the party that Mecha Alexander's, goal is to find the Resetter, a relic that allows time travel, in the city of Zozo. He explains to the party about the Neo-Ardolians, who are trying to find the Resetter to restore Ardolia to it's righteous self by going back in time and stopping Ensetsu from being killed by the part of #Crim Reboot. The party is told that the distress call from Bikko is real. While talking to Alus, Mecha Alexander makes a loud screeching noise and everyone scatters. Eventually, Myrh busts Lenina out of jail, and the group heads back to Casper's parents' house. After a brief MogNet letter retrieval, the party decides to head to Bikko to assist there. Because of Casper still recovering from his sickness, he sends the group with CBX as airship pilot (who is none to happy about that). Upon arrival in Bikko, they find the city under attack by Red Mages. The party also finds Jolly's friend Dmitri there. After a short battle, ending when Sasha uses Prox again (this time without ill effects), the Red Mages run away. Dmitri was caught in the cold of the Prox attack and is left with a very slight cold as a result (no where near as bad as Casper's). The party returns Dmitri to Zozo, who talks to the party as well as informs them that he knows where the Resetter is. He also tells the party that he is also a fake KuroMa. He teaches Sasha the spell Scare, only it shows Sasha the scene of her losing her powers but in a much worse way, with KuroMa being there and then multiples of him surrounding her. The party then leaves for the location told to them...
Session IX: The Resetter!
(Takes place on the 4th of Silversun, evening)
The party is told to head for Sun Road, specifically to a location halfway between the start of Sun Road and where the remains of Carbuncle's crystal castle were. Upon arriving there, they discover more than what they expected: instead of a dungeon, there was a crystal castle, almost identical to the destroyed one. The party learns that an order called the Order of the Sun, very similar to the former Order of Carbuncle, lives in that castle, and invites people to enter to seek enlightenment. The party enters the castle and is thrown into an unlocked jail cell. They easily get out and find the entrance to the dungeon that Dmitri spoke of. They will navigate the dungeon, eventually coming across a room that Dmitri installed there himself. In the room just before where the Resetter was kept, the party encounters a woman named Tara, claiming to be a Bad Luck Cultist and saying she was looking for the Resetter but found it missing when she got there. After a small discussion, Sasha uses Scare on Tara, which eventually causes Tara to use Quake 3 as well as Warp on herself. The Quake 3 causes the entire dungeon and the crystal castle to collapse.
Session X: MogNet!
(Takes place between the night of the 4th of Silversun and the 6th of Silversun)
As the party leaves the remains of this castle, they are told by the members of the Order of the Sun that it was foretold that they would do this and are grateful for it. Confused, the party heads back to Zozo to speak with Dmitri. He is shocked to hear that the Resetter is missing, but he suggests to the group that they rest for the night and discuss more in the morning. When the party awakens, Dmitri tells the group that they need to fix MogNet. Reluctant to take orders from Dmitri since he's not their Guildmaster, Dmitri reveals that he has a communicator and is in contact with Casper. Casper, who is now feeling better, informs the group that he agrees with Dmitri that MogNet needs fixing. CBX is brought in to be used as a makeshift MogNet transmitter (not as good as the real thing, but he gets the job done). 3 moogles show up due to malfunction, only one of them being the one who Dmitri wanted to show up. Kupori, a black Moogle with a circular white patch above his eye, tells the party to meet him at a floating castle on the 7th of Silversun in order to infiltrate MogNet. Because they need an engineer, the party returns to Crim to get Casper. Before they leave, Casper and Danshaw present Kia and Jia (respectively) with birthday presents. Casper informs Kia of his mission and the party sets out by airship to meet Kupori.
Session XI: Eclipse Garden!
(Takes place on the 7th of Silversun, early afternoon)
The party arrives at the floating castle, which looked a lot like Alexander, where they meet Kupori. Kupori informs the group that they need to teleport to the location of a Silver Kupo Nuts tree, which will turn humans into moogles temporarily. They are led to a small building dwarfed by the castle itself. Kupori tells the party that the owner of the castle is someone they must never meet. Inside the building, they find that the spellbook that Kupori intended to use to teleport the party is missing, except for it's cover. The party navigates the inside of this graden-like building, finding the pages of the spellbook. Along the way, Kupori becomes very inquisitive and asks the party various things about themselves. Also along the way, the party find a tree of normal Kupo Nuts. Kupori tells the party not to worry about those and to continue finding the pages of the spellbook. Once the spellbook is completed, Kupori teleports the party to where the Silver Kupo Nuts tree is, except they are blocked by a female warrior in armor with the eclipse logo on it...
Session XII: A Friend Lost in Dismay!
(Takes place on the 7th of Silversun, late afternoon and evening)
The party does battle with the warrior woman, who's armor protects her from ice attacks. At the same time, Casper is stuck having to release Kupori from a trap he sprung, controlled by a computer. Upon defeating the woman, her armor crumbles away to reveal her as one of Kia's clones from the city of Ikana. She tells the party she has no idea how she got there, only that she last remembered shopping in Ikana and then being in front of the party the next moment. She leaves the party and they eat the Silver Kupo Nuts, turning into moogles. Kupori then teleports the party into MogNet by having them all run very, very fast, similar to PSI Teleport Alpha. On arrival, Kupori leads the group to the Boss of MogNet, being given fake moogle names by Kupori. They are sent to Item Storage, where the MogNet core is also located, and Casper works on that while the party is left to move boxes around. Although his knowledge of Moogle technology is limited, he discovers that MogNet's core is fine and any problems are likely created by the moogles themselves. However, a female moogle named Kupetit, a chemist who had been watching the group, has the party eat normal Kupo Nuts, which cancels their transformations and returns them to being human. The party is locked up and later given food. They are stopped by another moogle, who turns out to be Tara once she eats a Kupo Nut herself. She uses a device to wirelessly unlock all the cells. She informs the group that they were about to eat poisoned food, and reveals to them that Kupori is in fact Stabes Moon in disguise. She expresses disappointment with Casper, and has a lengthy discussion with the entire party about the whole situation. Eventually, she casts Warp, with her version of the spell only allowing her to teleport the party to her office, located in a building that seems to be upside-down and has an M logo on it (when seen from the angle it's at, anyways). After even more discussion, she shows the party the way out of his office, after also informing the group that they are below Crim.
Session XIII: Most Burning Fire!
(Takes place between the night of the 7th of Silversun and the 9th of Silversun)
The party ends up in the Crim Adventurers Guild hall upon emerging from the corridor they were in. Once they emerge, they are met by Alus, who informs them that they were supposed to have been either arrested or executed due to the incident with MogNet, their airship bombing Crim due to Stabes Moon taking it over, and Jia's Esper rampage. He instead tells them that the king decided not to have them arrested, but instead they need to go find and capture KuroMa, who is accussed of stealing the Resetter. After a bit of arguing, which ends with Kia throwing Alus out of the guild hall, the party rests for the night. In the night, Sasha experiences a dream that is almost identical to the Scare hallucination she experienced in Zozo, with the exception that the Chuchus turn into Dmitri instead of KuroMa, and Sasha remembers that KuroMa's real name is Dmitri Reeson. Caila also has a dream in which she dreams she is royalty, but finds a diamond ring on her finger with an eclipse symbol in it, and Stabes Moon there, fading away as soon as the clock strikes Midnight. In the morning, the party learns that they are going to Zozo to capture KuroMa. After a bit of equipment upgrading and shopping, the party heads to Zozo via a Crimian airship piloted by one of Crim's pilots, Wesley. Along the way, Caila has another dream starting as soon as the clock strikes Midnight, this time she has a long conversation with Stabes Moon, which ends when she wakes up due to accelerated time in the dream. The party arrives in Zozo and goes to Dmitri's house, accussing him of being KuroMa. He informs them that they have no proof that he is, and he provides proof that he isn't. The party is told by Dmitri that they would have a chance of finding their proof, if it exists, by checking the Crim Black Mage guild. The party leaves Zozo to return to Crim to check on this matter.
Session XIV: Search a Record!
(Takes place on the 10th of Silversun)
Upon returning to Crim, the party decides they will check the Black Mage guild to try to find information regarding Dmitri or KuroMa. They first take a detour to visit Danshaw and Jia, where they find Jia acting strange due to sleep depravation. After a short discussion with Danshaw (where they tell him to make Stabes stop invading dreams), they finally head for the Black Mage guild. Once there, they are reluctantly give access to the Records room. However, there is no file on Dmitri or KuroMa within that room. They are told that those files would be in the Restricted Records room, which only 3 people have access to: Cast Aolos (the guildmaster of the Black Mage guild), Alus (the King's advisor), and King Sefiay. The only known way into the Restricted Records room is through Aolos' office. After convincing Dritz, the black mage at the front desk, they are told about another path into the Restricted Records room. Dritz is able to lure away all but one of the guards blocking access to the basement. Myrh manages to get rid of the last guard, and the party enters the basement, in the form of a dungeon. Within the dungeon, the party locates 3 differently color and differently shaped gems, which are used to deactivate a MagiTek lock, giving them access to the Restricted Records room from the other side. Once there, the party finds that the "records" of Dmitri and KuroMa aren't there, but are really notes telling the reader to talk to King Sefiay at once. The party also finds Dmitri and Lenina in Aolos' office, discussing things, until they realize they only checked one file and move into the room. After a small bit of panic, the group has a talk with Dmitri, mainly from Jolly trying to force Dmitri into showing he is KuroMa, with no good results. As the party talks about getting the hell out of there, Alus comes in, telling the party they have nothing to worry about, and to arrest Dmitri, Lenina, and even Jolly! Jolly is found to be accussed of treason against King Sefiay as well as treason against the Adventurers Guild. After more exposition from Jolly, the 2 black mages and Jolly are taken away. The party is led to Crim Castle by Wesley, the engineer who had taken them to Zozo originally. They are led to the treasury, where they are taken to an oddly placed elevator. The party ends up in what appears to be King Sefiay's gravesite, and left with a cliffhanger as to what happened to him...
Session XV: The Fate of the Resetter!
(Takes place on the 10th of Silversun)
Resuming from the last session, the party learns that someone had been chosen to replace King Sefiay in order to keep Crim's government from falling. They find out that the person chosen was someone they had met before, Tara. She holds a lengthy discussion with the party. First she explains to them why she wants the Resetter. Her reason being that she wants to get back to her own time of over 6000 years frmo now, but she also wants to prevent Stabes Moon from getting the Resetter as well. Tara knows where the Resetter is, but not how to get there. On the converse, Moon knows how to get to where the Resetter is, but is unaware that it is actually there. Moon knows that Tara knows where it is, but Tara has refused to tell Moon. Caila asks Tara about the future, and Tara explains that she knows Jia because there is a Jia in her own time, but that Jia is Kia's twin instead of Kia's Id. Sasha asks about freeing Jolly, to which Tara informs the party that she had him arrested for treason but won't stop the party from freeing him, although the castle guards still had their orders. She also informs the party that Dmitri was looking for the Resetter in order to destroy it. When asked by Caila about who else from the current timeline existed in Tara's timeline, Tara mentions Casper, then has a flash forward to her own time where she gets punched by an adult Caila for saying bad things about books, and when she says this to young Caila, gets punched again.Tara also reveals that Moon also existed in her timeline, as Danshaw being a park ranger, and that she would regularly annoy Dan. After a bit of prodding, Tara manages to get the party to ask about Mecha Alexander, to which Tara reveals that she had it built for the purpose of destroying the flying castle of Stabes Moon, which the party had visited just earlier that week. Tara finally reveals that Dmitri's purpose for finding the Resetter is to prevent another war from occuring, and that Moon wants to revive Ardolia in order to rule it as well as take over the world. Tara tells Caila she has a plan to rid Danshaw of Moon, but refuses to give Caila the details, other than just telling Caila that there will be a moment when Caila will be asked to summon Mist Dragon. Before letting the party leave, she tells them about the groups wanting the Resetter, and then sends the party away. Although upon leaving, Myrh "returns" Tara's bra to her, he must've stolen it off her when she wasn't paying attention or something, hehe. As the party is leaving, Kia, at home, is holding her weekly meet with the summons, and upon summoning Bahamut, gets Chibi Ninja instead, who says that Bahamut is indisposed but can't go into details with Kia because his summoning contract would be destroyed if he did. Chibi Ninja manages to unsummon when Kia gets distracted by Jia coming over to talk about her own wedding. Upon returning to the surface from Tara's underground office, the party (sans Lucky) executes a plan to free Jolly from jail, and at the same time, also reluctantly freeing Dmitri and Lenina as well. The party then heads to the Xenos household, where the group informs Kia (and later Casper) of Tara's goals. The party gets a bit dispersed due to each having their own agenda (Jolly stating he will quit the guide when the Resetter is found and goes off to look for a job, Sasha going to sell a painting of the X-Zone and having to send a drunkard there when he refuses to leave her alone, and Myrh and Dizzy going off to sell things). Casper manages to get them all back together and heads to the Adventurers Guild hall to discuss what the party should do about the Resetter...